Cross-Dressing Services


Feminine Makeover

The ultimate feminisation makeover. This is ideal for anyone wanting to be made over into drag, crossdressing or who are LGBTQIA. This makeover is carried out in a safe environment free from judgement. Ideal for any age, race or gender!

Whether you just want to be made over to see how you look or be made over before an occasion you can choose this service knowing that your alter ego creation is in our safe hands. After an initial consultation, we can create the look that you have been visualising.

Whats included?

3 step face cleanse
Brow blocking if required
Finishing Spray application
Wig insertion if required
Help and advice getting into outfits.
Skincare & Makeup tips
Clothing/outfit tips
Pictures taken from smartphone and sent to you for keepsake or new profile picture!
Appointment time 1.5 hours

Price: £120

Makeup removal after the appointment if required

Wig Servicing (synthetic and human hair wigs)

Your wig is cleaned, conditioned and treated to reduce static and fly aways. The wig is then left feeling fresh and rejuvenated. We recommend that this is done after 6-8 times wig use.

If you require the wig for a certain occasion please drop off/courier at least 3 days prior to when it is required.

For the first service, images are required then a free quote is provided.

From £65

Best Friend Experience

This Best Friend experience has been carefully created for our crossdressing clients. You love being girly and would like to experience lots of wonderful things whilst made up as a woman.

Have you been struggling to find someone to offer advice and no judgement whilst you are dressed as a woman?

Or do you require company for shopping trips, outings as a woman?

Choosing us to be your best friend will ensure that you have someone to help and guide you whilst you decide on what to wear, what styles of wigs will suit and how to have your makeup done!  Whether you’re new to the scene or a more seasoned crossdresser, you can rely on us to answer all your questions and help you through your experience. We will be the best friend that you always wanted. Girly times and carefree fun!

Whats included?

Guidance on wigs and makeup
Personalised skincare advice
Advice on dressing/clothes/breastplate/wigs/shoes
Safe space and full discretion
Accompanied on shopping trips, lunch, dinner, shows, whilst dressed as a woman/as a woman.
Accompanied to special events that are LGBTQIA+ friendly.
Makeup tutorial
Judgement free guidance through your dressing up times.
Online video support/tutorials


– £100 per hour (2 hours minimum)
– £300 for a half-day (4 hours)
– £450 for a whole day (8 hours)
– £70 per hour for online support/tutorials

We can engage in activities such as shopping, makeup shopping, lunch, dinner, cinema, or anything else you desire to do as your true self. We will plan everything for you; all you need to do is show up!

Please note that any additional expenses, such as food, entrance tickets, etc., are to be covered by the client

Our Suppliers

We take great pride in our working relationships that we have built through time. Working together ensures we get the best possible outcome for clients as the need arises.

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