Eyes are the windows to your soul

Well, at least to your health

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Prior to becoming a makeup artist I used to work for a laser eye surgery company. I would manage the clinics working alongside optometrists and surgeons. Over the years I learnt a lot about eye health and conditions and how they can be managed and treated.

As a hair & makeup artist I still take eye health seriously and always pass on my expertise to any client that can benefit from it. One of the main things I wanted to discuss is lid hygiene, particularly when it comes to removing eye makeup safely.

It is really important that you remove all traces of eye makeup  to avoid build up. Build up around the lash follicles can lead to dry eyes. The build up can be made from, excess skin debris, makeup, natural skin oils. If not maintained properly, this blocks the natural oil glands which provide the moisturising tears to the eye. This then leads to dry eyes. Dry eyes are so common in adults especially if they suffer from Rosacea or blepharitis. Symptoms from these type of conditions can be easily managed with regular lid cleaning and hygiene.

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How to Clean your lids:

Before you go to sleep for the day, wash your face and remove any makeup. There are different ways to do this according to your skin type and preferences of products. Gently moisten a cotton wool pad with micellar water or eye makeup remover. Place the pad gently on your closed eyes for a few moments then wipe downwards. Repeat until most of the eye makeup is off. Then use a micellar face wash or cloth then gently wash your face. Dry your face then using an eyelid wipe, gently wipe over your eyes with slight rotation. This will help cleaning around the lashes. Then gently with the corner of the folded wipe gently pull your lower lid down the wipe in one direction from the inner corner of your to the outer. Repeat the process on the other eye. During the lid hygiene be careful not to touch the eye ball itself.

If you already suffer from dry eyes, I recommend the eye bag. After applying the heated bag to your eyes, the most important part is to gently massage your lids. This clears any blockages and allows for tear to replenish the eyes properly. Using this 2- 3 times a week will help ease symptoms with a noticeable difference in vision once dryness eases.

Finally make sure you get your eyes tested at least every two years or sooner if you have any health conditions. Quite a few health concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure can be detected by regular eye tests. Don’t delay, book it in!

Remember, your eyes are the windows to your soul…

Do you suffer from dry eyes?

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